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MY UNDERGRADUATE JOURNEY What keeps me going? Hello! I haven’t been able to write due to school work. My life has taken a total new turn. Making new friends, eating out most times, having limited time to complete my work, lack of sleep, high level of stress, fear and anxiety wasn’t part of my usual life! Getting that admission letter made me so happy; didn’t really know what to expect. The happy girl was welcomed to the world of the unknown, where everything was different. I complained about everything because this new life required coming out of my comfort zone. Who knew I could adapt to a whole new system that was University life?

I would cry stylishly on my back home telling myself I can’t make it; I am going to drop out due to the high stress level being experienced. I complained about every single thing especially the long distance walk every day. My biggest fear was actually the fact that there was still a lot for me to read regarding my courses, whereas some students have gone fur…

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